You always have the freedom
to redefine yourself
It’s hard for me …
I can’t do that, I am not able to, I don’t have the skills to …


Our words and thoughts create our reality!

If we always talk about problems,
they will accompany us for a very long time.

In coaching
we no longer think in problems,
we work on the solutions.
In my coaching, we focus on the resources you already have to make the result you strive for achievable, and above all, doable.

Together, we’ll go through your starting position and work on your strengths and abilities.

Don’t panic if you can’t name them right now. Most of us can’t, but coaching is there for this too.

Together, we will open up a real, meaningful and attractive perspective for your future, which is realistic and achievable.

Right after our first coaching, you’ll be able to make a first small change, one that feels right and good for you, a bit outside your comfort zone.

Often, a small daily change is the beginning of something completely new.

Step by step, I’ll walk you through your personal process.

What’s next?

I’ll help you find the best solution for you and your situation, or topic.
Coaching with me means we can:

  • meet personally in Berlin
  • talk on Skype
  • exchange emails.

You decide if you would like:

  • an intensive coaching (4 appointments in a short time, for example in 2 months)
  • a process-accompanying coaching (4 to 6 appointments over 8 to 12 months)
  • a coaching “to-go” for urgent topics (for example, before a job interview, during a conflict, etc.).
Career Coaching Giusi Valentini

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Career Coaching Giusi Valentini

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