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Why have coaching?

Many of us don’t know, what exactly to do with our lives.

Too many options and interests, and no framework to make plans about the future.
Whether after graduation, or in the middle of a career, we are always tormented by many questions.

Which job is the right one for me?
Should I start my own business?
Which type of business can make my heart thrive?
How can I personally grow?
How can I live and manage all the different aspects of my life?

The good news is:
whether you are 20, 40 or 60 years old, we all have the right to re-invent ourselves – several times in our lives. With confidence, fun and enthusiasm.

It doesn’t matter if you want to work as an employee, as a freelancer, or start your own business.

Together we will find your vision.
I will support you in the decision-making process, help you implement your plan, step by step, and solve your problems.

My Career Coaching is there for you.

Do you want to try it?

Limits exist only in your head.
Let’s overcome them!

How? Get in touch.

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About Me

My mission is to provide you with ideas, tools and resources to inspire you to dare and leave your comfort zone, find the courage to do your own thing and give yourself the best life you can.

A solution can be found by playing through all the options, making a plan and scheduling the next steps.

That’s why I’m here.


I am a lawyer, 40 yrs old and two children. I have a well-organized life, but often I care only for others. Confronted with myself I get lost and find myself at the end of the day frustrated and empty. I asked Giusi to help me in a difficult choice.

The first coaching session was revolutionary. Giusi guided me through my thousand things to do and supported me in focusing on what I really wanted. Her exercises to bring out my voice and finally articulate a firm “NO” have opened my eyes to many of my difficulties that hold me back in implementing my ideas.

Giusi’s coaching made me take off. After a single session I had reduced my endless list of things to do to 7 and in the following week I managed to finish 3!

A dear friend who trespassed my boundaries and dragged me into her dramas had to listen to a very different Giulia, an assertive Giulia, able to determine her own priorities and put up barriers. I no longer feel weak and at the mercy of events. I take my life by the reins and it’s me driving. This time I go where I want and, thanks to Giusi, I am not afraid of affirming my desires. I am very satisfied with her coaching. Every woman needs a good dose of Giusi.

Giulia – Lawyer

Giusi helped me a lot in giving structure to the chaos of all my ideas. Especially in my professional life, I am interested in lots of topics – because of her own career path, Giusi was able to understand this very well. That’s why I felt very well looked after.

It was a great experience to have my own words and ideas mirrored and put in order. To be reminded that there is already a great deal to work with. After the introductory session, we met to design different life prototypes using a design thinking method.

Giusi guided me through the jungle of possibilities and in the end I left our session with my favorite life plan, in a direction towards I can go now. Before I choose nothing by being paralysed, this is a great success for me.

Laura V. – Student

When I decided to be coached by Giusi this summer, I was working in a messy job and could not think clearly. A bad state to take a decision. Giusi helped me to break down all my options and clear up the clutter.

When all possibilities were sorted in front of me, Giusi helped me a lot with her precise questioning and sensitive listening. In the course of the conversation, it suddenly became clear to me which path was the right one for me. I’m very happy with the decision that I made then!

I can absolutely recommend a coaching with Giusi and would always go back to her with any problem.

Sandra B. – Sound engineer

For me, the conversation with Giusi came just at the right time and it gave me tremendous motivation to continue to work on my dreams and to draw positive energy from the alleged setbacks.

I felt deeply understood by Giusi, she managed to filter important aspects of my professional life and put them in the right light. I strongly recommend Giusi as a coach! Changes in life are always exhausting and leave one in doubt.

It feels good to know someone who can give energy and motivation. In addition to being serious, Giusi is also relaxed, easy-going and funny.

Marie C. – Teacher

Where do I want to go, what is really important to me, what am I enjoying the most?

Giusi has a great gift in giving order to a plethora of needs, desires and visions, a living structure to a chaos, and knows a lot of small tricks and hacks to find self-contained creative focus and concentration.

She conveys a great deal of confidence in the effectiveness of one’s own abilities, and that you can too work meaningfully and earn money with what you like and do well. In addition to this, she gives you a useful plan, how to do as well as you can, how to escape the pitfalls of your own avoidance strategies and how to gain a feasible measure of your own claim to maximum performance.

The coaching with her was incredibly helpful and inspiring!

Jana P. – Theater director

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